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Window Installation

Windows are critically important to making your home feel airy and comfortable. They allow natural light to pour in, brightening up your environment. Plus, during the summer, you can open your windows to let the cool air in. Windows will add so much personality and style to your house, depending on what type you decided to install.

Single and Double Hung Windows

These are the most popular windows installed by homeowners. A single-hung window is a basic window that allows you to slide the bottom part up and down. A double-hung window allows you to move both the bottom and top pieces up and down. Additionally, these windows are easy to clean and allow great airflow through your home.

Arched Windows

If you are looking to add a feeling of elegance and sophistication to your home, an arched window might be the right pick for you. The rounded top adds a new element of style and can be used alongside other types of windows.

Awning Windows

An awning window opens by being pushed outward from the bottom. These windows allow you to open your windows even on rainy days without getting water in your home. These are an ideal option if you are looking for good air circulation. 

Bay Windows

A bay window is a beautiful, decorative type of window you can add to your living room or kitchen. It is usually constructed of one main panel and two side angled windows on either side. If you want a wide view of your yard, then this is the perfect window to install.

Casement Windows

If you are looking for something basic and functional, then a casement window is a great option. Normally they are a single pane of glass that can be cranked open on one side. They can also be put side by side in a row.

Jalousie Windows

Extremely popular in coastal areas, Jalousie windows have slates of metal or glass that can be opened or closed from the inside. They allow a nice, cool breeze to blow through your home. 

Circular Windows

If you are looking for something truly unique to add an organic aesthetic to your home, then a circular window might be your choice. You don’t have to stick with a perfect circle, you can also get half-circle, oval, or elliptical styles as well.

Installing new windows will affect many different aspects of your home, such as the amount and quality of light, the view, and air circulation. Windows can set the tone for the style of your house, depending on what type you get. Here at Hoosier Windows & Siding, we are committed to finding you the perfect windows for your home. Contact us today