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Enjoy watching our fun, educational videos about buying and maintaining windows! Through our resources, you can learn about:

Window Technology

Learn about the technology we use to make our windows energy efficient. All of our products are Energy Star Certified.

Window Types

See for yourself the high quality materials our windows are made with, and how all of our products work.

Buying Replacement Windows

Explore the different kinds of windows we offer and find out which will work best for your home.

Maintaining Windows

Find all of the resources you need as a homeowner to successfully maintain your windows.

See Our Windows Energy Efficiency In Action

In our showroom, we have heat lamps set up behind our windows, which mimic the sun. This allows you to feel the energy efficiency of our windows for yourself.

Learn How Two Light Glider Windows Work

This is a popular choice if you are looking to take out two smaller windows and put one big window in, as it will save you money. If you’re considering this window type for your home, reach out to us for a free estimate!

Are you ready to see what Hoosier Windows can do to your home?  Request a Free Consultation Today!

Most Popular Type of Window: The Double Hung

The double hung window is the most popular type of window. They slide up and down easily, and are a great, simple choice for your house.

Learn Why Homeowners Choose Our Vinyl Siding

Check out the most popular vinyl siding choice among homeowners and learn why they choose Hoosier Windows for their vinyl siding replacement. Also see some of the other siding options available in our showroom.

Check Out Our Door Selection

See the sliding glass, patio, and front doors we have in our showroom and let our experts help you choose the best option for your home! Our doors are known for their quality and their energy efficiency.