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It’s About More Than Getting In And Out

Most people put a lot of thought into creating curb appeal with a perfect front door. However, they may not realize that the patio doors may be just as important. Although the front door usually opens into a foyer or entryway, the patio door is typically installed in a living space. You’ll look at it every day. Therefore, you should consider how it can impact your life as well as your home’s appearance.


A patio door often serves as a focal point. A door with window panes will let in the light and illuminate the room. A wide space creates a liaison between the indoor and exterior rooms. Even if only one panel opens, an expansive door can make your home feel larger.

You may not want a wide patio door, though. Narrower options exist to provide functionality and streamlined design. Whatever you choose, make sure that the material and style complements your home. You may want to look at options that maintain the same architectural feel as the rest of your house.


Your budget may limit the type of door that you choose. However, take into account the material and energy savings when you’re shopping for a patio door. A weather-proof material won’t need to be repainted over the years, saving you time and money in the long run.


Sliding doors require less area to the inside and outside of the door frame than hinged doors. They need enough width to allow them to work properly.

Most hinged exterior doors swing inward. They require ample room to swing open and shut. You won’t be able to place indoor furniture near the area. You will get added security because the hinges and deadbolts face the inside of your house.

You can choose an outswing patio door if you want to maximize your indoor living space. Special security features prevent the hinges from being accessible to burglars. These types of doors can prevent precipitation from entering your home as you move in and out. If your patio area is small, though, you might limit the location of outdoor furniture by installing an outswing door.


The U.S. Department of Energy claims that newer exterior doors tend to provide better insulation than old doors. If you live in an older home, you might want to upgrade just for the energy savings.

When you’re shopping for a patio door, you should consider the same factors as when you’re shopping for windows. Low-E glass is coated to reflect infrared light. It can also keep harmful UV radiation from entering your home and damaging your skin or fading your furniture.

Patio doors shouldn’t be an afterthought. They provide beauty and functionality to your home. They can also help you save energy and make it easier for you to get outdoors on a gorgeous day. Contact Hoosier Windows & Siding to find out how you can add the perfect patio doors to your home.