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An Investment That Does More Than Save Energy

You may have heard of Energy Star appliances. Did you know that you can also improve your home or commercial building’s energy efficiency by installing Energy Star windows and doors? The right windows and doors protect you from the elements and help keep you warm or cool, depending on your climate.

How Are Energy Star Windows And Doors Rated?

Energy Star products are manufactured by an Energy Star partner. They’re tested and certified by an independent organization, the National Fenestration Rating Council. These items come with a label that describes the energy performance ratings in various categories.

On windows, the U-factor quantifies the product’s ability to prevent heat from escaping. A lower number indicates better insulation. A high visible transmittance number specifies that the product lets in adequate light. Windows with high visible transmittance can prevent you from turning on indoor lighting during the day with the quality of light they allow into your home.

The solar heat gain coefficient measures a window’s capacity for resisting heat that comes in from the outdoors. This can reduce your cooling bills in hot weather. A low air leakage number shows that the product will reduce drafts.

Why Build With Energy Star Windows And Doors?

Energy Star reports that the average homeowner can save up to $465 a year when swapping single-pane windows with high-performance ones. In addition to saving money and electricity, you can experience other benefits from using energy-efficient windows and doors.

You’ll be more comfortable when the interior temperatures stay consistent. Fewer drafts in the winter mean that you’ll have to adjust the thermostat less often. You’ll have more freedom to move furniture near the windows because you won’t feel chilly when you sit next to the glass.

High-performance windows can also protect your valuables. The coatings on the surfaces shield your furniture and upholstery from UV radiation. Installing low-emissivity windows can keep the items inside your home from fading.

Although you might not be able to detect a window upgrade just by looking at a home, you can boost your property’s value by installing energy-friendly windows and doors. A project that costs $10,000 can increase the value of a house by about $8,500. Therefore, you recover most of your investment when you sell your home.

Installing Low-E Windows Shouldn’t Be A Hassle

Although replacing your points of entry might seem like a daunting task, the professionals at Hoosier Windows make it simple and straightforward. Contact us to find out how affordable and beneficial the process can be.