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Are Your Windows Letting in More Than Sunshine?

Those nice big windows on your ground floor are awesome for letting you relax, catch a few rays with your pets, and spy on the neighbors. Unfortunately, they could also attract unwelcome guests. Like flies lured by the promise of honey, thieves find it hard to resist the tantalizing allure of easy pickings.

In addition to making your home stand out as one of the neighborhood’s nicest-looking, your windows could mark it as one of the easiest targets on the block. Make sure you consider the following safety tips when you’re picking your property’s most prominent features.

Choose Your Weapon Wisely

Different window styles do more than just transform your building’s exterior appearance. They can also determine how easy it is for people to gain entry. In order of least to most secure, you can choose from double and single hung windows, horizontally sliding windows or casement windows. With hanging options, it’s usually wisest to supplement your installations with locks, but even the more secure sliding and casement varieties demand proper installation, maintenance, and usage to stop intruders. For instance, experts say that homeowners forgetting to lock their windows is one of the most common sources of break-ins, so it’s critical to establish good housekeeping habits.

Add Upgrades

Installing a locking mechanism is a good way to improve the security of your windows. Most modern installations include some kind of lock, but you may find it helpful to move up to something more secure. For instance, the common latches that hook moving windows into their sashes aren’t as tough as cams or keyed locks.

Other improvements focus on making the window mechanism more impervious to threats. These add-ons can be as simple as installing dowels in the tracks that sliding windows move through to keep them shut, or they can involve more complex modifications where you drill screws into these tracks to stop thieves from merely removing the window from the frame to bypass the lock. You can also install adhesive security films that prevent windows from breaking or add a metal grille to your building so that people can’t get through.

Purchase Better Windows

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your home stays safe is to buy better windows. Were you already planning on upgrading? There’s no reason to pick anything that isn’t reliable enough to stop incursions. For example, reinforced window glazing resists shattering, although it’s important to ensure that your local laws permit the use of such materials in residential structures.

Talking to a specialist may be the best course of action if you really want to protect your home. Experts can recommend replacement windows that help you find an ideal match for your security demands without going over your budget. To learn more, visit us online at Hoosier Windows & Siding