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Keeping the windows in your home in good condition is important not only for curbside appeal and home value but also for saving on energy costs and keeping your home well insulated. However, sometimes it is hard to tell when windows need to be repaired or when it’s time to completely replace them. Here is a quick guide to help you decide.

When to Repair Your Window

Cracked Glass

If just the glass pane of your window is damaged, then you can easily replace just the glass without completely replacing the entire window. This is much more cost-efficient than buying an entirely new window. Having a cracked window can be a safety hazard, so it is important to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Glass Falling Out Frame

If the glass is falling out of the frame, check to see what is supposed to be holding it in place. If it has muntins or mullions which are broken, these must be taken out and replaced. If it is sealed with putty which is brittle and breaking off, you can easily scrape off the old putty and apply new.

Stuck Sashes

The sliding parts of windows sometimes get stuck or become difficult to open, especially as they get older. This can be caused by several different things. There may be too many layers of paint over the sash which are holding it in place, or it may have come off its track. The most common cause is usually a broken cord or sash weight. All of these problems are generally easy fixes you may even be able to do yourself.

Window Casing Exterior

When the exterior casing on your windows begins to rot and deteriorate, this can lead to water damage and other problems if not repaired. Depending on the material your window cases are made of you should be able to find wood or vinyl casing to replace it at your local home improvement store. 

When to Replace Your Window

Water Condensation

If water is condensing on the insides of your double-paned windows, this is a sign that is time to replace your windows completely. Most windows today have self-sufficient IGUs built into them. IGU windows have an insulating system that seals two window panes together with an air space in between. While very effective, when this type of insulating system starts to fail, it is nearly impossible to fix without completely replacing the windows. Water condensation is a sign that the seal is no longer working, meaning your house will not be as well insulated.

Structural Problems

If the entire structure around the window is failing, then it’s likely time to replace the window. If the walls and siding of the house around the window are in poor condition, this may also need to be fixed while you are installing new windows.

Major Water Leaks

If you have a major water leak coming from your window, this is definitely a sign you need to install new windows as soon as possible. It is important to protect your home from water damage, as this can cause structural damage to your home. 

As we have discussed, it is important to assess whether or not your windows need to be repaired or replaced. If the window is cracked, stuck, or falling out of its frame, it can probably be easily repaired. However, if you have water condensation, water leaks, or major structural damage, it is likely time to install brand new windows on your home. If it is time to get new windows, contact the experts at Hoosier Windows & Sidings today! We can help you pick out new windows and get them installed quickly and efficiently.