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Windows allow light and air to enter while keeping out debris, dust, noise, and unwanted critters. Windows also serve as a transition between indoors and out, so you can enjoy the view from indoors. Attractive windows contribute to the street appeal of a property, set a decorative tone, and compliment the architectural style of a structure. Clean glass and frames can enhance the appeal of existing windows.

Windows in the Fort Wayne area may get soot, dust, or spatters from seasonal weather. Seasonal cleaning helps keep them clear. Fingerprints and wet pet noses are another cause of window smudges. There are several effective methods for cleaning windows. Most can be done as do-it-yourself projects.

How to Clean Your Windows

For sparkling windows, make sure that both the interior and exterior sides of the glass are equally clean. Two people working at the same time, one inside and one outside, can speed up the process. Clean one side using up and down strokes and the other using horizontal strokes to distinguish which side of the pane has smudges. Each side can be quickly cleaned and dried without having to figure out which side has the smears.

Make Your Own Window Cleaner

One of the most environmentally friendly and effective cleaners is vinegar. Add a cup of vinegar to a bucket of water, or fill a spray bottle with water and a tablespoon of vinegar. A splash of liquid dish soap can be used if the windows are particularly grimy, like those in a kitchen near a stove. Use a clean, lint-free, soft cloth to wash each panel. Old T-shirts work well, too. If soap is used, rinse with vinegar water to remove the soap. After the soil is removed from the glass, wad up a piece of newspaper and dry. For large panels, several pieces may be needed. The newspaper removes moisture and any leftover smears. To quickly clean large panes of glass, use a squeegee, then dry with a lint-free cloth.

How to Clean Dirt Between Window Panes

You may notice fog or dirt between double- or triple-pane glass. Fogging is a result of moisture entering between the panes. When this occurs, the seal has failed and it may be time to replace your windows. Contact Hoosier Windows & Siding to evaluate how to repair or replace windows, doors, and roofing in the Fort Wayne area.

Safety First

Remember, safety comes first. Never stand on unsteady support in order to clean a window. Always use well-balanced support like a step stool or ladder for high places. Hard-to-reach places are better left to professionals who have the proper equipment and training for such work. For more information on windows, window cleaning & repair, or window installation, contact Hoosier Window & Siding today!